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New Alliance - Central of Darkness (Political)
Posted 11 months ago by

Hello Everyone !
Today a new alliance was born!

Central of Darkness

Members :

Republic of Macedonia




Alliance HQ :
Supreme Commander:

Vice Supreme Commander:

Commanders :
Ganging Kickyourass locodeatar acabauSL Winz Drake

Hail Central of Darkness

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MU Tájékoztató (11 months ago)

Comments (36)
18-05-2018 19:54:08
(11 months ago)

Samuel L Jackson / Deathlock

I work for a US company. I could tell stories about US managers on visit trying to give financial or lifestyle tips to their Hungarian colleagues. It used to be funny. Most of them knows absolutely nothing about the life in the rest of the world, outside the major US cities

17-05-2018 22:21:33
(11 months ago)

Come on Central of Darkness I wanna FIGHT , I cant even do restore berserk because wall is 60% on our side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17-05-2018 16:52:39
(11 months ago)


17-05-2018 13:08:16
(11 months ago)

Samuel L Jackson

I could argue u about the economic diffrences of countries all around the world but it would waste my time so I wont.

I will say only one thing. Most of us has a job u dont need to worry about us:O

17-05-2018 8:32:17
(11 months ago)

Guys.. chill.. in the end, it’s still just game. We are supposed to be having fun here.

17-05-2018 8:22:08
(11 months ago)

Samuel L Jackson exactly ...

17-05-2018 6:46:05
(11 months ago)

serbia has my respect i've spent plenty of supplies in battles against them just because usa has mpps with countries that fight against serbia they are no doubt clutchers and thats prolly why people cry they use visa they use visa so what even if they do use visa get a job lame-o's then you can use visa too

17-05-2018 5:39:27
(11 months ago)

more likely an alliance to fight against serbia xD

17-05-2018 2:37:22
(11 months ago)

Serbian cheaters, Serbian cheaters everywhere... -_-

You forget mention master of your "coalitions" Poland, that is not nice...

Hate and blame strong, lose on battlefront stronger!

Sloga biće poraz vragu! o7

17-05-2018 0:47:33
(11 months ago)


17-05-2018 0:37:04
(11 months ago)

I used visa, but I can tell you now, all guys from my MU didnt !!! they know what they doing, thats it ... see you on Battlefield !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16-05-2018 22:29:02
(11 months ago)

Mungos and visa??? Xdddddd Maybe Grga, but still one player who use visa cant win all war alone xd they are just good boys. Talk with them and im sure that you fall in love with them

16-05-2018 21:39:06
(11 months ago)

did you just said "visa", compare how many $ your allies spend, then how many $ we spent, please just dont talk no sense ( i dont care about your sh*t talks ) but this is awesome..

16-05-2018 21:14:28
(11 months ago)

I really dont know why ppl dont like Serbia amd Grga, its really nice when smart and strong players are winning. Just learn from them

well if visa, exploit, cheat means smart and strong yeah they are

16-05-2018 20:21:05
(11 months ago)


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