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#XTrade Rules (Trade)
Posted 7 months ago by

Hey e-sim community!

I felt an urge to write an article again and this time it will be about rules on Xaria.e-sim black-market channel #XTrade. Actually the article will be a a simplified version of already existing rules (link to that you can find in channel topic).

With all the Baby booms there are a lot of new players and with the other operators on #XTrade we have noticed that not many people know the rules and that is the main reason why I am posting this article.

Hopefully the article will reach the global so everyone could finally read the rules.

Rule 1 : Post 1 add every 5 minutes,

Rule 2: Do not post right after you get back in the channel when kicked by the bot for spamming,

Rule 3: Do not use double connections to enter the channel with different nicknames (ghosts) to post your offers more often,

Rule 4: Do not use timed message for your offers if you do not reply when someone PMs you.

Rule 5: Parting/Joining (rejoining) the channel just so you will be able to post offers more often (in less than 5 minutes) is NOT allowed.

Rule 6: Trading/exchanging/selling currency/items/products/accounts from other games is not allowed.

Rule 7: Do not post articles on #XTrade channel or through /query.
*** posting \ /query - referrers link = 10 days ban ***

Rule 8: If you want to ask something then ask an OP (channel operator) via PM (private message) or #support channel.

Rule 9: Disrespecting the Staff and the people trading on the channel (via the channel & via PM) is not allowed.

Rule 10: Do not ask to be added on the access list. You will be addressed from #XTrade support team if we will find you capable of operating the channel.

Rule 11: Posting any kind of links from e-Sim, other games or web pages is not allowed.

Rule 12: Racism/nationalism is not allowed on the #XTrade channel. Everyone is equal and everyone should respect the other people trading on the channel!

Rule 13: Do not use bold or colors, the /me command to post your advertisements on the channel or any kind of spam advertising. Do not repeat yourself, or use a lot of shift chars(rule 15, more then 3 chars!). The people can see your advertisements either way!

Rule 14: Use English language only!!!

Rule 15: Using ALT codes as an alternative for bold is not allowed, Do not use any special charts in your posts. (allowed charts: !@$%^&*()_-=+<>?\|/][}{ )
*** the # character is not allowed anymore ***

Rule 16: Advertising other channel #XTrade channel is not allowed unless someone asked for a specific channel and you gave it to him!

Rule 17: Selling citizenship (approve citizenship in exchange for gold\cc\equips\products) isnt allowed.

Rule 18: Breaking one of the game rules that you can find here is illegal in the trade channel.


Kickable offences: rules 2, 5, 8, 10, 14,
Bannable offences: rules 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16.
After 3 kicks in 48 hours you'll get an automatic ban for 2 days.

You will get kicked for offences and warned and if you will continue doing it you will eventually get banned.

Report people who are not respecting the rules to the channel operators
so they can make sure everyone is following the rules as they are! The rules are same for everyone, no exceptions!
If you got any question about any of the rules, or you don't understand some of them, feel free to ask a channel operator and he/she will explain it to you better so you will understand it. You can also come to #support and ask for advice there.

In case you get banned and are seeking unban you have to come to #support or speak with the person that banned you via query. Operators will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Comments not allowed.

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